Creation of the material presented at this website spans couple of decades. It started in 1988 when Dr. Maureen Kent secured funding from the University of British Columbia (UBC) for filming of most common soil types in the lower Fraser Valley. The project was then put on a hold until 2004, when a group of soil scientists and multimedia experts from several British Columbia’s universities, embarked on a journey to produce video footage that would cover all soil orders of the Canadian soil classification system.

The following team members made creation of this website possible:

Project leaders

Dr. Maureen Kent, UBC (1988)
Dr. Maja Krzic, UBC (2004)

Host and narrator

Dr. Art Bomke, UBC (1988 & 2004)


Kent Watson, Thompson Rivers University (2004)
Dr. Paul Sanborn, University of Northern BC (2004)
Dr. Tim Ballard, UBC (1988)
Dr. Christine Cross, Trinity Western University (1988)
Dr. Al van Ryswyk, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (1988)

Web designers

Alan Doree, UBC (2004)
Trevor van Hemert, UBC (2011)
Juno Kim, UBC (2021)


Chris Crowley, UBC (1988)
Jim Mulleder, UBC (2004)

Director / Producer

Chris Crowley, UBC (1988 & 2004)

Special thanks to:
Scott Smith, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (2004)

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